Monday, March 19, 2018

Come on, men; show the ladies more love

“MURDER nightmare!” was the most recent headline in the newspaper as a young girl’s throat was slit in the vicinity of MovieTowne.

Should this even be happening? Wake up, men of T&T; don’t you see that our mothers, sisters and wives are being targeted?

There has been an increasing number of rapes and murders involving women. Women are no longer safe in Trinidad. There are reports of women being attacked by men in their hotel rooms, cars and even on the streets.

Women should start defending themselves against predators. I think that free self-defence classes should be available to all women in society. Schoolgirls should be taught self-defence in school by professionals such as police officers and martial arts experts.

Women should be able to carry weapons such as pepper spray, in order to protect themselves from the already armed criminals.

Come on, men, show the ladies some love and give them a sense of belonging. You should all protect the women of T&T whether you know them or not, after all it just might be your mother, sister, daughter or wife next.

Marc Mungroo

via e-mail