Saturday, March 17, 2018

Replace Fuad at next general election*

Fuad Khan’s call for a reunification of the people who have systematically fragmented and denuded the UNC since its formation bears the signature of deep-seated, ingrained stupidity and bad mind.
If he is stupefied by the six times he won San Juan/Barataria, to seek a return of Basdeo Panday, then pray tell, how immeasurably and incomprehensibly foolish, UNC supporters would be to seek a return of Basdeo Panday, in order to win elections?  We voted him out for a reason! How shallow is the thought that the UNC cannot configure itself to be a government. Let’s not be fooled — Mr Panday’s political wet dreams of “taking back the UNC” are a farce and will be stamped out. This is as ludicrous as asking Dr Rowley to embrace the ostracised Patrick Manning faction once again.

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