Saturday, March 17, 2018

The coastline revenge*

We awoke to the news of a collapsing part of our coastline which occurred at Bamboo Village, Cedros, leaving 20 people homeless. Maria had just recently devastated Dominica and while not at the same scale, disaster struck in Cedros. This beautiful community from where came two of my most influential lecturers, Dr Raphael Sebastian and Prof Kenneth Ramchand, is now at the centre of the debate on coastal zone erosion. The telluric forces were once again at work reminding us of the increasing frailty of human civilisation and our vacuous aspirations to master Gaia.

In an article on the impact of Hurricane Maria on Dominica (“Climate Change: The Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable”), I emphasised the link between climate change and the frequency and intensity of hurricanes. Now we are returning to the debate on climate change, a phenomenon unleashed on humanity by our naked, unrestrained desire for wealth. Anthropogenic forces underlined by a callous disregard for nature have once again adversely impacted on the poor and vulnerable.


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