Saturday, March 17, 2018

PM: nurseries diseased*

...defends North Grove housing plans

:‘REGISTERED FARMER’: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley touches a supporter’s face as he arrives at the meeting on Thursday. See Pages 9 and 16 —Photo: ISHMAEL SALANDY

THE citrus trees at the controversial St Augustine nurseries are affected by citrus greening disease and steps must be taken to destroy them immediately.
So said Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in defence of the Government’s decision to build houses in the area. Speaking at a public meeting at the La Horquetta Regional Complex on Thursday night, Rowley said he is a registered farmer who has hired experts, and dismissed the critics of the development of North Grove, Curepe, for housing.
Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat had said previously that some 25 of the 200 acres of the St Augustine nurseries have been afflicted with citrus greening diseases and would be utilised by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

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