Saturday, March 17, 2018

'I watched my wife die, no one cares'

...injured husband wants justice

The crash that killed Shameer Boban's wife and left him in a wheelchair

“I watched her die and I couldn't even say a final word to her. I lost my wife and no one cares. The police have failed and they have forgotten us.”

These were the anguished words of Shameer Boban who was critically injured in a crash that killed his wife last year. The couple's infant daughter also survived.

Boban, 28, of Rees Road, Barrackpore is pleading for the authorities to intervene in the matter.

Boban, his wife Sharmilla Singh and their child were minutes away from their home on November 27, when a car driven by a teenager collided with the family's car.

Singh died in the crash. Boban suffered severe injuries to the body and now relies on a wheelchair to move around. The couple's child, Baby Karen also sustained minor head injuries.

Baby Karen being held by an uncle during the funeral for her mother in Barrackpore. Photo: DEXTER PHILIP.

Boban spent two months in hospital. He underwent three surgeries and is likely to have more in the future.

He said he is in constant pain and said at times that he has difficulty holding his own child.

He is now haunted by the memory of the crash.

Boban recalled: “We were driving coming home in the evening. My wife was in the front seat, I was driving and the baby was in the car seat in the back. The accident happened just to the hill by Mussarapp Trace. I heard this car screeching coming. I just knew he was speeding coming towards us and I tried to pull to the left, but before I could even make that full pull he was already airborne and he hit us.

I was pinned from the impact. I couldn't move. The baby was screaming. My wife wasn't moving. I couldn't do anything. I watched her die and I couldn't even say a final word to her. I lost my wife and no one cares. The police has failed and they have forgotten us.

Nothing has been done since. You telling me three months after and no charge has been laid? The boy still driving and nothing can be done, not even to take away his license so something like this can't happen again. So anyone can go around and kill someone and police will not do anything.

She is dead, nothing can bring her back. I want justice. That will bring me some peace. I have so much pain now. I have a steel plate in my hand, in my leg, my ankle is shattered. Look I am in a wheelchair. My mother  have to take care of me. I can't even hold my own child for long because I am in too much pain. I am taking pain killers all the time. Is this how I have to live now?” he said.

Boban worked as a mechanic with the Siparia Regional Corporation.

Boban said he has video recordings of teenager driver earlier on the day of the accident, speeding on the roadway.

When contacted for comment, the Barrackpore police said the investigation is still active and investigators were continuing with gathering information and speaking with witnesses.