Saturday, February 24, 2018

At last! EMA is protecting us*

It was quite refreshing to see the Environmental Management Authority’s managing director, Hayden Romano, taking a firm stand against excessive noise levels associated with fetes, particularly during the Carnival season.
At last, we have someone at the helm who is prepared to do what is right and protect law-abiding citizens who currently have to either tolerate the merciless bombardment in their homes or frantically try to seek the EMA’s assistance, with no guarantee of an intervention.
I live in a residential community located a stone’s throw from the Ato Boldon Stadium. For years, residents were forced to endure this type of abuse by fete organisers who, in seeking to please patrons, routinely caused severe disruption to the lives of the thousands of residents —depriving them of relaxation, family time, rest, and sleep for up to ten continuous hours.

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