Saturday, February 24, 2018

"I didn't bounce down anybody' - Hit-and-run suspect in custody

The victims: Kemchan Roopnarine and his wife, Patricia Harripersad.

Police are yet to determine whether criminal charges would be laid against the Penal man who surrendered to police on Tuesday.

Investigators said the 31-year-old man was interviewed in connection with the deaths of Kemchan Roopnarine and his wife, Patricia Harripersad.

The suspect walked into the Penal Police Station with his lawyer on Monday night.

He was questioned by investigators building a case of motor manslaughter.

As part of the investigation, police officers are reviewing the security camera footage at homes and businesses near the location of the crash two Sundays ago.

The Express was told that the man denied he was driving the car that killed the couple.

The owner of the car is a primary school teacher who told police she loaned the Nissan Tiida to her “boyfriend” that day.

The woman told police the man returned the car without explaining how it was damaged.

She was released three days later.

Khemchan Roopnarine and Patricia Harripersad were walking roadside close to their home when they were struck and died. Their sons were only metres away from them and were not hurt.

However, they witnessed the deaths of their parents.

Nine-year-old Brandon Roopnarine, nine and brother, five year old Darrion Roopnarine are no longer living together.

Brandon has moved in with his biological mother who lives in Penal.

And Khemchan Roopnarine's family is caring for Darrion.

The boys do not live far apart and see one another at school each day, a relative said.

The family is hoping this arrangement can become permanent.

Sergeant Ramsaran is investigating the case.