Saturday, February 24, 2018

Five homicides, one police killing in 24 hours

IN less than 24 hours, five people were killed and a murder suspect was shot dead by the police.

The  dead included a 54 year old Chaguanas grandmother who was killed in the parlour she operated in front of her home.

In the latest incident, a at around 2 p.m. Tuesday, Akim “Simple” Parkinson was gunned down by three armed assailants in Cocorite.

Parkinson was walking near a track along Upper Waterhole Road, when three men armed with firearms opened fire on him.

They ran off and escaped.

Residents took Parkinson to the St James Medical Complex where he succumbed to this gunshot injuries.

Tableland football referee Kyle Carabon, 25, and two men who are yet to be identified, were killed overnight.

Carabon, his relatives told reporters said that he worked as a clerk at National Insurance Board and would referee games in Intercol.

Carabon, of Dades Trace, was not known to “be in any trouble” his relatives said.

“All he knows is work, home football and cars. I don't know who did this or why they did it”, they said.

The two other killings occurred at Mt D'or and Laventille.

Grandmother Haniffa Bedassie operated a mini mart in her Chaguanas community for over two decades without ever being robbed, until today.

 The criminal took not only her valuables, but her life.

She died in the apartment adjoining her shop. Bedassie, 54, is believed to have suffocated on a piece of clothing stuffed into her mouth by the thief to silence her.

The thief was shot in the compound of a nearby church by patrolling police officers. He died at hospital.

He has been identified by police as Leon Jordan.