Saturday, March 17, 2018

Suspect: ' I killed her in knife fight' it was over money

Stabbed to death: Yaira Esther Echavarria Rodriguez

A 25 YEAR old Charlieville man has allegedly confessed to the killing of Dominican Republic national Yaira Esther Echavarria Rodriguez on a walkover near the highway in Charlieville on Monday night.

The suspect, who is in police custody, claims he and 26-year-old Rodriguez got into a knife-fight after she confronted him over a $1,000 debt he owed.

The man claims he was the last person with Rodriguez before her bloody body was discovered by a passerby on the John Peters walkover shortly before midnight.

The suspect claimed that he had known Rodriguez for approximately eight months, and they would “lime” and go to “clubs”.

He allegedly said that on Monday night he and Rodriguez were liming at a bar in Charlieville and left around 10 p.m.

While walking across the highway on the walkover, Rodriguez allegedly confronted him to repay her $1,000 that she had loaned him.

The two began to quarrel and Rodriguez pulled out a knife and attacked the suspect, he alleged.

The man claimed that he and Rodriguez struggled and he “pushed her back with the knife” against the wall of the walkover.

He allegedly fled the scene, leaving Rodriguez behind.

He claimed that he did not contact police that night.

Officers responded to the scene after being contacted by a passerby who stumbled upon the body.

Her identity was confirmed from the photograph and other personal details confirmed on her passport.

Officers of the Central Division Task Force, Chaguanas CID and Homicide Region III responded.

An autopsy was performed at the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park.