Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hotel off Point Gourde for Petrotrin ‘bandit’*

The allegation of corruption must be well investigated and whatever the result the perpetrators must be unearthed using every means possible, even if it means using a subterranean excavator.
Every person in public service, be it State enterprise or institution, who engages in corrupt practices robs the nation. This bandit must be found and given a room in the State hotel situated about five to seven miles south of Point Gourde for a considerable length of time.
This scourge has now raised its head in Petrotrin, as it did in Caroni (1975) Ltd. Just as in Caroni where the allegation of weights of cane bundles differed from the field to the factory, so is this claim for oil that was neither produced nor delivered.
While those incidents at ­Caroni were left to continue, to the detriment of the company, this must never happen at the oil company. 

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