Saturday, February 24, 2018

Region making progress in renewable energy*

Workers install solar panels at the new 60 Megawatt photovoltaic solar energy farm in the Monte Plata province in the Dominican Republic, which is reputed to be the largest solar power plant in the Caribbean.

Is the use of gasolene and diesel as vehicle fuels in its death throes?
It may well be, if other countries follow the example of France, which is banning such vehicles from 2040 onwards.
That may seem a long way off but it will get here more quickly than you think.
So what is to replace these fuels which have been around since the dawn of the motor car age?
You guessed it – renewable energy (RE).
RE? That’s all right for generating electricity but what has it got to do with vehicular transport?
Elementary, my dear Watson – the vehicles themselves will be powered by electricity generated by RE.
Electric vehicles?
Yes and Norway has already taken the lead, with the goal of an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2025. Holland has the same objective, as do Germany and India.
But it will take a long time to get there. In France, for instance, pure electric vehicles currently account for a mere 1.2 per cent of the market.
As Dr. Anthony Bryan, the international relations expert, points out in a recent paper for CSIS, “The future of RE in the Caribbean depends in part on the extent to which it can be competitive without subsidy.”

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