Saturday, February 24, 2018

Harford and Lok Jack partners in East Lake development*

Luis Dini, managing director of Home Solutions T&T Ltd.

MANAGING DIRECTOR of Home Solutions T&T Ltd, Luis Dini, says there is a growing demand for affordable housing in Arima, especially given the Borough’s rapid expansion.
He says for this reason his company, East Lake Development Company Ltd (ELDC), recently approached the Trinidad Cement Limited to purchase a parcel of land in Guanapo, Arima, from Readymix (West Indies) Ltd (TCL’s subsidiary) to construct 180 apartments and 95 houses, all comprising three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The development, East Lake Residential Community Park, will be located just off Tumpuna Road, in the vicinity of the Readymix factory.
On August 18, Readymix entered into an agreement with ELDC to sell 46.7 acres of its 213 acre-parcel of land.
In a notice to shareholders, posted on the T&T Stock Exchange website three weeks ago, Readymix noted that it will become a ten per cent shareholder in the East Lake Development Company.

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