Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mark writes to JSC chairman seeking probe into ‘fake oil’*

‘immediate resolution’: Wade Mark

JOINT Select Committee member Wade Mark has written to the chairman of the JSC on State Enterprises, requesting a probe by that committee into the Petrotrin “fake oil” scandal.
If such an enquiry is to be held, the Petrotrin board, management, the Energy Minister and all other parties associated with this matter can be called to give public testimony.
In a letter to the chairman, David Small, dated Tuesday, September 12, Mark said it was “imperative that this committee seize the opportunity and exercise its powers to launch an urgent enquiry”.
This enquiry would be aimed at determining “whether the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are being defrauded of monies and whether the management of Petrotrin exercises due diligence in its operations”.
The final report from Petrotrin’s internal audit committee states the “fraud” was allowed to take place due to lack of due diligence.
Mark said according to media reports, the internal audit discovered activities such as certain discrepancies in figures being recorded as purchased by the refinery from an operator, A&V Oil and Gas Ltd, and these figures were recorded as received by the company. 

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