Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dying for her baby*

Heart issues: Anastacia Waterman with her husband, Ray Phillip, and baby son, Raysean. Waterman died on Monday.

Anastacia Waterman was told by doctors not to become pregnant because her enlarged heart could not handle it.
She refused the medical advice, determined to have a child, even at the risk of her own life.
Waterman died on Monday, seven months after she defied the odds and delivered a healthy baby boy.
The baby boy will be raised by Waterman’s husband, Ray Phillip, at the family home at John Williams Trace, Tabaquite.
Waterman’s enlarged heart could have been corrected with surgery when she was younger, but the procedure was not performed, said Phillip, who spoke with the Express by telephone yesterday.
“I didn’t know what it really meant when the doctors said she had an enlarged heart. I didn’t know the complexity of the situation. Then someone explained it to me.
“She never showed any signs or symptoms. Then in January she went into the hospital because she had some breathing problems. She was already pregnant. 

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