Saturday, February 24, 2018

NGOs do much for the nation, don’t starve them of funding*

I write with concern as I heard the national budget will be presented possibly in October 2017. The economy is at a standstill. Nothing is happening, nothing is moving.
However, my concern is for the environment. What are they going to put in the budget for the environment that they claim they are concerned about but do nothing about?
What’s happening with the Green Fund? Every month, companies dutifully pay their Green Fund levy, but where is it going? What projects are being funded by the Green Fund?
I take offence that a project like Plastikeep that has been funded by the Green Fund for over seven years has not received any funding since this Government came into power.
September 2017 will be two years that the Government is in power and the last time Plastikeep received funding was December 2015. The Plastikeep employees still have not been paid their salaries for 2016.
My heart goes out to Rosanna Farmer and the team from Plastikeep who, for years, were able to go into schools and teach about recycling and the effects of pollution on the environment, get offices to begin recycling and placed bins around the west of Trinidad, making it easy for people to recycle. 

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