Monday, March 19, 2018

Beyond the ferries fiasco *

The sittings of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament that is probing the procurement process of two ferries, maybe three, were broadcast live on television and are said to have displaced the leading “soaps” in popularity among television and radio audiences. Predictably, they generated juicy scandals that implicated politicians and corporate and professional hustlers who feast on the multi-million-dollar, taxpayer-subsidised Port of Port of Spain (PPoS).

However, nothing that was revealed was unsuspected or original. The population knows the culprits by reputation if not names. But it must have given them some delight to see big men and women squirm in their seats as they admitted to inconvenient truths, probably misconduct in public office, and likely corruption.

The miscreants know, though, that soon another scandal will displace the ferries fiasco from the media headlines. They will quietly retreat into their mansions that were built on ill-gotten gains, monitor their bulging bank accounts and other assets that are outperforming the national economy, and plan their next raid on public funds through lucrative contracts or professional fees, matters not which party is in power.


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