Monday, March 19, 2018

Time to create the ‘Rowley revolution’*

One could only hope that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s doctors in the US gave him good news about his health, so that on his return over the weekend he would be thoroughly energised, ready to face some uncomfortable truths.
By now he would have been apprised about the unimpressive results of the two opinion polls that assessed his Government’s performance of the past two years, and the equall-y unfavourable public reaction in some quarters.
Dr Rowley’s experience in the political gayelle makes him fully aware that the effectiveness of any government’s is built on its display of competence, technical expertise, autonomy and a strategic vision.
The articulation of that vision is what inspires the citizenry. First, it speaks to the body politic; it explains the overall challenges then reaches into its gut, creating a sense of mission, with a higher scale of values that raises up the entire entity to the prospects of a brighter future.

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