Monday, March 19, 2018

Case of Jwala crying wolf*

AT best, Jwala Rambarran’s onslaught of social media posts attacking this newspaper and one of our journalists in anticipation of the publication of a story involving him is unbecoming of a former governor of the Central Bank. At worst, it can be construed as cyber-bullying of the media and possibly undermining police work.
Mr Rambarran’s commandeering of social media this weekend was triggered by questions from this newspaper on a matter that had allegedly occurred during his tenure at the Central Bank. After requesting additional time to respond, Mr Rambarran decided, possibly with the hope of blunting the impact of our story, to issue a statement on social media in both text and video, under the headline “Jwala is next… PNM political persecution continues”.
What ensued was a hodge-podge of assumptions, accusations and innuendo against this newspaper, the Government and the police as he sought to bolster his argument that he was a victim of political persecution.
As a man who once occupied the esteemed office of Governor of the Central Bank, Mr Rambarran should at least be familiar with the concepts of responsible commentary and due process. He has also dealt with the media often enough to understand how the media works.

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