Monday, March 19, 2018

A turbulent fortnight *

EVEN as we were crossing Eastern Parkway opposite the Brooklyn Museum there was a brief warning.

None of us making our way to Brooklyn Panorama last week Saturday into the grounds of the museum took the warning entirely seriously; but we should have.

Two hours later, when we were drenched in keeping with the weather forecast, the postponement of the event was announced without indication at that time if and when on Sunday it would be rescheduled.

This became a metaphor for this column, which focuses on our Trini inability to heed warnings or to have a plan B other than we go jam still and bawl down the place when the reality that has lashed others comes home by us.

I did not make it back to Brooklyn on Sunday. Although competition was no longer possible, my friends reported that the bands played from midday to 4 p.m., still not in the best of weather, but surrounded by the warmth and camaraderie for which we are justifiably well known.


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