Monday, March 19, 2018

His Heart's Journey*

Kevon Carter is officially a solo act

Kevon Carter is now out there on his own. The former Imj & Co lead vocalist says he has stepped away from band life to focus on developing his personal brand and to focus on the type of music he wants to create.
“I've enjoyed the band experience. It was fun working with a group of people, but I'm a solo artiste at heart and it's time now,” Carter said of his return to solo life.
Barataria-born and New York-based, Carter has been turning heads with his smooth R&B vocals since his 2008 debut. He opened for incarcerated Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton (Mark Myrie) at Madison Square Garden that same year and later for soca star Machel Montano at the same venue.
An invitation to perform backing vocals for calypso veteran David Rudder followed, as well as a successful audition with Imj. And although he held his own and enjoyed moderate success in the soca arena he openly admits it's with the soulful strong-messaged music, in the vein of his heroes Michael Jackson and Bob Marley that he truly shines.
“Interpreting music from various genres comes naturally to me because of my cross-cultured influence, residing in both New York City & Trinidad. I draw from a wide range of material which I am influenced by. I would say my musical identity is an eclectic fusion. 

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