Monday, March 19, 2018

We go mash up the place *

I have already written about the financial innovation that was CL Financial in its recognition of the risk averseness of capital resources held in Trinidad and Tobago, and the need to diversify the economy requires local capital to be invested in higher risk ventures so as to earn foreign exchange.

The underlying idea was to collect low-risk capital via the EFPAs (executive flexible premium annuities) and invest this in production assets in many different markets and in different parts of the world so alleviating most of the risk by portfolio diversification. Listen to what Wikipedia had to say about CLF:

“CL...was the largest privately held conglomerate in T&T and one of the lar­gest held corporations in the entire Caribbean. It was expanded into a di­versified company by Law­rence Duprey... encompassing 65 companies in 32 countries worldwide, with assets of over US$100 billion.”


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